Our Vision

To create a world where love knows no limits. To celebrate self-love, well-being, and natural beauty.


Ingredient sourcing

Rich ingredients are at the foundation of our brand. We source our ingredients from small family owned farms. This ensures fresh ingredients and help the local herders families. Ethical & sustainable sourcing is at the heart of Lhamour.

cruelty free
Paraben free
Made with Care

Made with Love

We handcraft each product with love and care. This sets us apart from mass-produced skincare brands. Creating a unique and personal touch that our customers appreciate.

cultural heritage

Timeless Wisdom

Lhamour embraces the cultural heritage of Mongolia. Mixing traditional skincare practices and ingredients into our products. This unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation creates our brand. For those who seek connection with nature. Appreciate traditional beauty rituals, and a sense of recognition.

our founder

Meet Khulan

The journey of building the largest organic skincare brand began as a quest to solve a personal challenge.


Our Commitment

We minimize our production waste through various recycling and reuse programs. Our ingredients never go to waste and every raw materials are used to create products.