A note from our founder

This is the story of my pursuit in finding a solution to my own skin problem -which became a major influence on the society as a whole.

It was 2012 when I moved back to my home country Mongolia. I started developing allergies for the first time in my life and started having eczema. The causes were air pollution, low water quality and harsh climate. I never had allergies before and having skin rashes compromised my life and I had no idea what to do. I consulted with dermatologists and they advised me to use mild and natural products. But, I couldn’t find suitable products. They were all imported, not natural or low quality.

I started researching further about skin products, ingredients. This is when I understood what natural means for skin care products. My own problem turned into a passion. So I pursued a professional degree by enrolling in Formula Botanica. The world's leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School.

I became a certified professional skin care product formulator. Finished my advanced diploma and started making products for myself using local ingredients. I created products at home suitable for my own skin, and it worked! Then I started giving out to friends and family with similar skin problems.

Turned out that the majority of people:

  • Have allergies.
  • Have dry skin or various skin conditions
  • Don’t know their skin type.
  • Don’t understand the importance of skin care.
  • Don’t understand which skin care products are suitable for them.
  • Believe in myths about skin care and have poor skin care routines.

This was the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey.

My problem was their problem. Whatever was best for me, was also working for my customers. I knew with my degree and home-made products, I was ready to start helping people.

One product was born, two and three. People joined our company. The company grew. People started supporting us, loving our philosophy, following our steps. At that time, entrepreneurship was even a new concept and sustainability was just starting to become a thing. A lot of the things we did were so new that many people did not really understand back then but definitely felt that we were having a vision. And thus, we saw that there is so much potential and so much to do in this country. And not just in Mongolia. But literally everywhere.

Lhamour was born from love and care for the others. The philosophy of loving yourself, taking care of yourself, loving others as well as loving the environment. I am proud to announce that Lhamour is the largest organic skin care brand in Mongolia. We have been impacting thousands of peoples lives and influenced positivity. We hope to continue this on a global level and thank everyone who has been part of our journey. We truly hope that Lhamour will create a positive impact on you too!

Love,Khulan Davaadorj