Why do we give back


Khulan: "Lhamour is based on love. The philosophy of loving yourself and taking care of yourself, loving others and sharing knowledge and passion as well as loving the environment. It niece’s name LHAMO in it, because eventually what we do now will affect our next generation and thus, by being a social impact business, we want to show the future generation that we need to take care of each other and mother nature as well."


We organized Women Entrepreneurship's Day in Mongolia


To motivate and inspire girls and women who want to become entrepreneurs


It was amazing because 300 people came


It was amazing to see how women from all over the world were supporting us and were giving back to help others. We had speakers from all continents join us.


Women in Business

We organized an event called "Women in Business" to support women by organizing business showcasing, enabling networking, creating space to talk about challenges and opportunities and having a panel with distinguished leaders to talk about what we can do to promote and support female business people. It was an amazing event and the first of its kind in Mongolia. We had over 450 attendees and many were able to create synergies and partnerships and just start the discussion.


Finding your passion program

We did a program for teenagers that was a week long and helped them not just to prepare for university but moreover find their deep down strengths and passion, what they are good at and what their weaknesses are. We guided them to find their inner self and listen to their hearts.


Girls in STEM program

We initiated the "Girls in STEM" program to support girls in their endeavors related to STEM. Many girls in Mongolia had their passion but their parents for example did not support their careers in STEM. So, we made sure that they know exactly what it means to work in STEM by inviting guest speakers related in the fields and hoped to convince the girls to follow their hearts and whatever path they want to choose.