We believe in giving back to the community

 We want to grow together:


We are a social start-up that created Mongolia’s first organic skincare production that takes a holistic approach regarding environmental sustainability and social responsibility through zero waste natural products with unique Mongolian ingredients and giving back to the community from each success we achieve. The main philosophy we want to share is love – love for your own health, love for others and love for the environment and future generations.  Like this, we make customers be part of the sustainability aspect and give them the empowerment and solution to wider problems. We grow together with our customers and that is the most important part for us.

Why we choose to pay it forward:


Khulan Davaadorj: "I started the brand with the vision to be a role model, proving people that Mongolia can produce high quality products. A lot of the focus in the last decades was on political reforms and natural resource exploitation. I want to change this image as I see that I can use traditional ways to be incorporated into modern forms, which can be accepted globally, especially with the demand of healthy products. I am trying to pave the way for everyone else in Mongolia to try and overturn conventions and start little by little in order to eventually contribute to positive social change and economic growth in Mongolia and even Asia."