New York, United States 2017
New York, United States 2017

October 2017


We were so happy that our products were chosen for a wedding as wedding gifts to the guests all the way in NEW YORK, United States. We are grateful that the philosophy of loving yourself, loving others and loving the environment can be spread through our products and that our customers really have this same philosophy. 


We wish the happy couple all the best and hope that the guests liked our products made from the heart all the way in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Land of the blue sky.



September 2017


LHAMOUR HONG KONG - We are excited to announce that you can find our products now at CURATE showroom in both malls in Hong Kong "D2" and "K11".


You all know that since our start of distribution in Hong Kong, we have been doing Pop-up stores and we were so happy about the positive feedback we received from our customers. You guys have been so supportive from the start and we are glad that we gained more and more regular customers who have been using our products as a family. 


We hope it will make it much easier for you all to purchase our products through the physical presence in D2 and K11 malls. We hope that we can have a successful and long term relationship with Curate Showroom.